Album: Fetish 37 demo (2012)

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Song: Pay The Fiddler

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Fetish 37 is singer/songwriter China, guitarists Chris and Chubbs, bassist Manny, and drummer J.R., with violinist (yes, violinist) Lincoln taking on both leads and harmonies, resulting in a unique contemporary sound that draws inspiration mainly from classic hard rock, metal, and classical music. The name Fetish 37 was chosen when the band discovered that, according to an encyclopedia, there were only 36 different fetishes and music wasn't one of them. Hence it was decided that music should be the 37th fetish.

Fetish 37 is the lifelong dream of lead singer/songwriter China, who has overcome more than his fair share of hardship and heartbreak which have provided ample inspiration for his songs. China first met Lincoln, a classically trained professional violinist, at a karaoke bar in Sacramento in 2005 and decided they should combine their talents, resulting in Fetish 37's first song, Feeling Down. Later that year China met Chris, aka The Axe Man, whose years of experience in the music business, his exceptional skill as a guitarist, and his leadership, has proven to be a great asset to the band. After several years of writing, recording, and promoting, Fetish 37 held an audition for a bassist and drummer. Although the drummer from that audition didn't work out, Manny has proven himself to be just the bassist the band was looking for. When the search for a new drummer began, Lincoln's brother-in-law J.R. flew from Las Vegas to Boise for an audition where he thoroughly impressed the band with his skill and timing. Finally, Manny's brother Chubbs was recruited to fulfill the band's desire for a second guitarist after hearing him shred on his guitar at J.R.'s audition.

After several years of preparation and dealing with setbacks of all kinds, Fetish 37 is now ready to take the world by storm